Just released!

Made in Thailand – for the world

By Alternative Care Thailand

With generous support from World Childhood Foundation

As you can imagine, there are all kinds of difficulties and challenges families in vulnerable communities are facing – trafficking, poverty, drug abuse/addiction, domestic violence, child abuse, etc. The goal of family strengthening is to address these problems in the home and community in order to improve the lives of children.

The Family Strengthening Handbook began as a research project seeking to find out how organizations in Thailand are working to preserve families, protect children, and uplift the most vulnerable populations living in Thailand.

Coordinated by Alternative Care Thailand (ACT), 10 social organizations, in particular, were studied in order to discover themes and best practices of how organizations can come alongside families in a Thai context to offer support to families facing difficulties. The Family Strengthening Handbook is a synthesis of the methods of those ten organizations and their most successful practices. It is a practical representation of what works in Thailand.

The Family Strengthening Handbook aims to equip and empower more and more social organizations, agencies, and individuals throughout Thailand with the tools they need to strengthen families in difficult situations to keep families together and keep children safe and nurtured.

We are happy to offer you the full English version of this handbook here in hopes that this tool may also help you strengthen families wherever you are!

Family Strengthening Handbook Trainings

Step Ahead and ACT have also developed 2 trainings to support those wanting to implement this handbook:
1. A foundational 3-day in-person training on how to implement the Family Strengthening Handbook practically in your context/organization/agency/community. 
2. An additional 2-day TOT for those who might be interested in both implementing family-strengthening practices AND teaching and equipping others in how to do so as well. This additional 2-day TOT can only be taken after the foundational 3-day training is complete. 
We want to help equip you with the tools and confidence you need to strengthen families in need. The more people who understand and can implement family strengthening, the more children will remain safe in their homes and communities. Contact us for more information!